A Different Approach to Social Media and More

Combining Our Experience with Our Passion and Helping Other Businesses Succeed

Social Media has incredible power and reach. However, businesses can not capitalize on that if they don't have a great story to tell and content that helps followers understand that story. When we founded JRH Graphics, we knew that our suite of services had to make it easier for businesses to tell their story. Our services needed to offer customizable social media plans for posting on their profiles. As well as provide our clients with content that spoke to their unique brand.

So, we combined our twenty years of business experience with our passion for storytelling and set out to help small and middle-sized businesses get the most out of social media. Our services are all customizable. This allows us to build social media plans that meet our clients' unique needs. Each piece of content created is made for the sole purpose of telling our clients' unique story. No generic content, no one size fits all solutions and no pick one from column A and one from column B brand stories.

A Different Approach: Story First

At JRH Graphics, we do things differently. We believe that spending a little extra time building your brand story provides value to the brand in the long run. A company without a story has no chance to survive in today's marketplace. Your story is the foundation of all that we do. If we want to help you to be successful, we must first build a solid foundation.

Building A Solid Foundation: Discovering Your Winning Story

What's Your Story? If you have ever had a meeting with Jonathan Howard, then the chances are he has asked you this question. For us to be able to support your business, we need to know your story. Everyone's story is unique, so the first thing we do is listen to you talk about your business and watch how you engage with your audience. Your answers to questions like, What does your business means to you, provide us insight as we help you explore your “why.” We ask about your reasons for doing things. What are the values of your company? We want to know what you want to be known for after all is said and done. What problems are you solving for people? All of these questions help us understand your business and allow us to build a brand story.

The Foundation is Solid

Now that we have explored your brand story, we can use what we have learned to move forward. This allows us to make more informed decisons about how we promote your brand, what audience would engage with your brand and so much more. A well developed brand story provides us with a solid foundation we can build upon. This foundation allows us to do the following items an so much more.

  1. Use your voice and values in our posts on social media
  2. Target an audience that makes sense for your business
  3. Create custom content that speaks to your values
  4. Engage others that share your values
  5. Represent your business properly on your social media platforms

We Have The Story, Now What?

People do business with people in today's marketplace. The days of businesses operating behind a veil of secrecy is long gone. Your story provides your business with a human face. A human face gives it the power to connect with your audience. Once we are at this stage, JRH Graphics works with you to build a social media plan that allows you to tell your story to an audience that shares your values.

We work with you to create a package that works for your business. Self-run packages are available where we meet either monthly or weekly to review your calendar and posting plan. We also provide fully managed packages across multiple platforms. With these plans JRH Graphics will create and post custom content that supports your story. And if you fall somewhere in between these two options, we build a custom social media plan that will work for you.

Social Media Management Plans to Support Your Business

A Self Run Approach to Social Media

You decide that you can continue managing the daily duties of your social media. All you need is some assistance planning your content and posts. The drab and generic content that past providers have given you as “custom” does not speak to your unique brand, so creating some custom content to post on your profiles is essential.

You are not alone, many of our clients fall into this category. They choose JRH Graphics because we offer them a better solution. We schedule regular meetings to help them plan their content. We provide them with a framework for content creation we call the 9 Essential Posts for Every Business on Social Media. During our regular meetings, we help schedule monthly posts and ensure that they are providing their followers with “edutaining” content that adds value. Our goal is to make sure that your social media profiles start working toward the success of the business and no longer feel like a burden.

A Fully Managed Social Media Plan

Your business has grown, and the stress of managing your business and promoting your business is overwhelming. You decide that you want to focus on running your business because that is your wheelhouse. But, you need to be able to trust someone to help you promote it. JRH Graphics offers plans that can help you here too.

It is nearly impossible to run and promote your business at the same time. We take on the task of managing your social media so you can focus on what you do best. A review of your current platforms is performed and make a recommendation on a social media management plan that works for you. We will help you build a strategy that puts you on the path towards engaging followers and creating customers for life.

The next step is to create content that supports your brand, your story, and reflects your values. We share these customized posts with you every week and ask for your approval. We will never share anything on behalf of your brand without your approval. This strategy allows you to engage your audience, provide them with “edutaining” content that speaks to your brand daily. It is your brand, your messaging, and your custom content; we are just the ones posting it for you.

A Plan for Custom Content Creation

Some businesses have a person in the marketing department that is in charge of monitoring the social media for the company. In some cases, they are responsible for creating content. In other instances, a business may need content created by an outside source. Whether you need photos or additional promotional pieces we can help you out.

Content is king!

The content you put on your social media can determine who chooses to follow you . Your content influences how your audience feel sabout your brand. From photos to articles, to free tools you provide to your followers, it all says something about who you are. We believe that the content you put out should look and feel like you. While we love stock photos for some things, they don't belong on your social media profiles.

At JRH Graphics we literally, loathe content that pretends to be custom. You hava all seen the cringe-worthy off-brand quote somebody posted to their Instagram feed. This is not what JRH Graphics provides. When you hire JRH Graphics to create custom content for you, we will create actual custom content. Content that is based on your brand and your story, not just your brand colors and taglines.

You Have Choices, We Hope We Made That Clear

You can select to have photos taken that represent your brand, or have posts created based on the content you have already curated. Whether you need us to develop a single campaign or want us to work with you in an ongoing capacity we can help you out.  We can create content that is representative of your brand each month or once a year. Our content creation plans are just as customizable as our social media plans.

The Biggest Difference at JRH Graphics

Jonathan Howard is what makes JRH Graphics different. He is driven, passionate and creative. His hand on style and unique way he approaches problems will help your business rise to the next level. Jonathan has over 20 years of business management experience. The knowledge gained from his experience is what he brings to every one of the clients. Jonathan and the entire JRH Graphics team is committed to helping you be successful. We will roll up our sleeves and work along side our clients to ensure their success.Are you ready to be heard on social media? Do you want the JRH Graphics team to help you tell your winning story? Ready to engage an audience that has the potential to be customers for life?Get Noticed

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